Richard Harrington, Conservative MP for Watford, complains that the Government, in which he serves has been “playing roulette” with the livelihoods of its citizens. (‘MP is for another Brexit vote’, April 5.)

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Mr Harrington, a proud Remainer, seems to have forgotten that the only reason the Tories obtained their government majority in 2015 was the lesson they learned in the national 2014 European elections when UKIP spectacularly beat Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems, taking seats from all three parties. David Cameron absorbed this lesson and realised that his only chance of winning a national election was to promise UK citizens an unambiguous in/out Referendum on a matter of key Constitutional significance. All the main parties agreed; the vote was carried in parliament by 6 to 1.

The Tory government immediately commenced its ‘fear campaign’, spending £9 million of tax-payers’ money, lobbying for Remain and against Leave, in a leaflet that went to every household. Despite this disincentive, the country voted decisively to take back sovereignty, make its own laws and trade independently with nations both European and across the globe. The largest turnout of voters for a generation, from all parties, including many who had never before voted, rejoiced in winning back UK independence. They were amply vindicated: most of the growth in employment since the Brexit vote has been in full-time jobs and small business start-ups.

The Brexit bounce was ignored by the establishment and their echo-chamber in the mainstream media. Despite the fact that the European Economic Community (EEC), was always a fig-leaf to cover the ultimate aim of economic and political union, our political parties have proceeded to betray their own manifestos, unanimous Referendum commitment and the voters.

The accusation ‘Lions led by donkeys’ was levelled at this nation’s leaders for the needless carnage suffered by our brave soldiers during World War I. When British citizens are prepared to risk the possibility of temporary personal hardship to preserve their freedoms, they expect leadership - not braying.

Prof Christine Wheeler McNulty