It is some years since I complained about Royal Mail’s impertinence in changing the last collection in Elstree Road from 4pm to 9am, making next day delivery by first class mail impossible. They caved in and reinstated the 4pm collection. The nearby box in Clay Lane stayed at 9am.

Now they’re at it again, ‘to improve efficiency’ with a weird, wordy notice saying that ‘the last collection will be no earlier than 9am Mon-Fri.’ In other words, any time to suit them after 9am and again a withdrawal of a guaranteed 4pm collection.

This I repeat is little less than a breach of contract with the public, who drop letters in the box, stamped first class, expecting next day delivery, which they will not get. It simply won’t do.

Just to add to their idea of service I waited a disgraceful 40 minutes to get through to the phone number listed, then gave up. ‘An advisor will be with you shortly,’ a cheery voice told me. Only one advisor there I suspect. What a travesty of Customer Disservice.

Barry Hyman

Bushey Heath