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BMW M2 Competition

BMW M2 Competition 2018 UK review

Vastly more composed and better-controlled on a challenging road than a regular M2, with a markedly improved power delivery, the M2 Competition is a huge leap forwards for BMW M's affordable coupe.

19 October 2018
Autocar's magic moments
“Pass me more tyres, these ones have melted”

90 years special: Magic moments from Autocar road testers past and present

We talk to current and past staffers on the 90th anniversary of the first Autocar road test, including McLaren's Jamie Corstophine, Top Gear's Chris Harris and our very own Matt Prior, to discover their favourite moments

20 October 2018
Road test 2108
Will cars in 90 years still have wheels, or will they just float or even fly? Wheels are old tech, so perhaps their time has come.

90 years special: we predict the future of the Autocar road test

In 2108, we’ll be celebrating 180 years of the Autocar road test (we hope). This is what we think we’ll be driving

20 October 2018

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